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Non-commercial center
for children
from Ukraine in Riga

Support for children of Ukraine

The purpose of our center

Adaptation of children in Latvia and support of communication with Ukraine


Study of the Latvian language and culture


Psychological support of children and parents


Preservation of Ukrainian identity


Socialization of children who study online, are homeschooled or attend a Latvian school


Help and support in various subjects


Jobs for teachers and psychologists from Ukraine and Latvia


We are preparing for the external examination
and entrance exams

Lyudmila Horova, mother

For us, "Pearl" is an opportunity for our daughter to build relationships with her peers, find friends, get an education, communicate in her native Ukrainian language and gently get acquainted with the new rules of life in Latvia. It is a place where she can be among "her own", and it is very supportive during these difficult hours. We thank all the founders and mentors who devote a lot of time and attention to our children and create the space of "Pearl" with their own efforts.

Inna Boyko, mother

"Pearl" is a place where children go with pleasure!
They are in our center
they feel comfortable, have friends and are not afraid of anything.
Mentors provide an opportunity to express their own opinion and teach not to be afraid to make mistakes!

Thank you "Pearl"!


Bilokonyuk family

"Pearl" is a point of support for our family. A place where you feel strong support for children and parents. "Pearl" is a place where people feel at home. There is a sense of security in our Center, because the management is concerned about the children.

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Bank details:

Recipient: Ukrainu - Latviesu Perlites Biedriba

Bank: Swedbank AS

IBAN: LV93HABA0551054704791

Purpose of payment: Voluntary donation (Ziedojums)

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